Become a Sponsor

There are approximately 150 children in our programs and we would not be able to serve them without monthly sponsors. Our sponsor gives $50 monthly to cover everything from school uniforms to daily meals allowing our children to grow and thrive.

Why is it important?

As an organization, we can fundraise, we can start up programs and hope the children of our community come, participate and fully commit to the program. However, when you introduce sponsorship as an option, a feeling of accountability and community are brought into the program. As a sponsor, you are given the privilege of building a relationship with a child in Colombia through sending letters, photos, and gifts. Every year you will receive an update about your specific child and be given the opportunity to travel down to Colombia to meet them. We have seen an incredible impact the sponsor has on our children and we would love to invite you to join us in this important aspect of our program.

Types of sponsorship

There are two types of sponsorship at SOLAHIS:

Child Sponsorship:

Child sponsorship is our general $50 a month, or $ 600 a year, program where there is one sponsor per child. This money goes towards general costs associated with supporting the child including meals, uniforms, school supplies, and health care.

University Supporters:

University supporters are for our children who have graduated from grade school and are looking to pursue post-secondary education. Due to the cost associated with university studies, there can be up to 10 supporters per child to cover all costs. This sponsorship costs $50 per month and you will receive a yearly update on their school progress.

Who is available?

If you would like to be added to our list and be notified when a child comes up for sponsorship, please fill out our form HERE.

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