Our Facilities

We have been indescribably blessed with the property and facilities we have. Seeds of Love is not just a building with a front gate, it is a safe haven for young people to come and feel loved, enjoy the company with their peers and most importantly to hear the gospel.

Every day over 200 people enter through this gate; whether sponsored children, their families or missionaries, the staff at Seeds of Love work extremely hard to make sure everyone feels welcomed, loved and valued.

At Seeds of Love we have a small house where one of our staff members lives with her family. This quaint and adorable house has had quite a few people and gifts move in a out of it over the years including a family of ducks and a lot of gifts and donations sent by generous friends like you!

Behind the house we have two offices for our administrator, program coordinators, teachers and pastor. Behind these doors is where a lot of the prayers, meetings and planning takes place. We are so blessed by our staff and their continued commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and the kids at Seeds of Love.

Our beloved sports court in just past the offices and across from the main hall. To these kids, this beautiful ash-fault box is so much more than a small-scale basketball court. This is where friends are made, trust is built and “winning” is their only focus. It is incredibly rare to not see a game going on at Seeds of Love. In 2016 the “net” was installed to keep balls from flying away, over the main hall and getting lost in the stream below.

What doesn’t happen in the Main Hall? The Main Hall is where the staff begin their mornings with devotions; where everyone gathers for lunch every day; where weddings and quinceñearas take place and where classes, bible studies and youth group are hosted. The Main Hall at Seeds of Love is the definition of “Multi-purpose Room”

In the kitchen is where Seeds of Love all started. Words cannot begin to describe or explain the dedication and hard work these ladies put forward every single day. Monday-Friday they make lunch for 200 people.. Saturdays they bump it up to 350 people. I am constantly amazing and humbled love and devotion these ladies show everyday.

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