Friendly Faces Friday: Marisol!

Friendly Faces Friday! This is Marisol, she will be 11 in October! Marisol lives with her mom and dad and little sister Paulina. She loves being a big sister and taking care of Paulina. 

Marisol has two best friends who are in her class and also involved in Seeds of Love. The three girls are inseparable! Whenever there is a talent show at one of our retreats, the three girls do a song and dance number in their matching braids and tutus. They walk to and from school together, and make a great team on the sports court! 

A side from being a good friend, Marisol is also a great helper! She is always eager to help around the Center. She loves showing Mission Teams around the center and neighbourhood, especially when her sponsor, Mikayla, is on the team! 

Marisol and Mikayla first met in 2016 and then again in 2018. For the then 7 year old it was hard to communicated with Mikayla when they first met but by the end of the first few days they became best friends! Now the girls eagerly wait for the next time they can be reunited again! 

Do you have someone you’re always excited to see when you join a Missions Team? Never been on a Missions Team? Fill out our application, located on our website, to join the next one! 

Would you please join us in praying for Marisol this week?

Marisol and Mikayla - 2016

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