University Graduation Update

This year three of our remarkable young women graduated from their university programs. It was an honor to see and celebrate with them as they achieved such a huge step in their lives and move towards their future goals and dreams.

Mariana finished her program to become a pharmaceutical assistant. Yesica and Mary Luz both studied to become occupational medical assistants.

After their graduation ceremonies we took them and their families out for lunch to celebrate the accomplishment. We are all so proud of them and wish them to best of luck with all their future endeavors.

These young women are why we are doing the work that we are doing in Medellin. With out the center and the financial assistance we bring to the center, these young women would not have had the opportunity to accomplish what they have! This is a huge step up…many steps up. They have worked very hard no only on their studies but also volunteering their time at the center and setting an example for the younger ones. Letting the youth of the community know that dreams are possible, that they, indeed, have the power to change their stories of poverty.

Even going to school has been a challenge for our kids, as they face discrimination from the other students when they figure out where they are from. It is only the upper class who go to university and it is clear that our kids don’t quite “fit in”. Our staff encourages and supports them fully, but it is not easy to be so excluded and held apart. What has happened, interestingly enough, is that our kids tend to excel and once their class mates figure that out, by second term they are approaching them to do work projects with, as opposed to the first term when no one would have anything to do with them.

Please hold our kids in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to walk through this adversity. Hold our staff as well so they can stay grounded and full as they pour out to our kids and support them through all that they face…in the outside world and their homes.

These young women graduating is a HUGE celebration for all those involved in this project!

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