May 2016 Update

Cats Corner: Saturday Activities

On Saturday the center holds an open feed- a community feed in which all those from the local community are invited in to enjoy a free meal. After these lunches, the staff often offers activities for those who would like to attend. We have informative parenting classes for the many single moms in our area. Teaching them child care, nutrition and giving them spiritual support as they face parenting, on their own, in the harsh climate that they are living in. We offer instruction and guidance for the teenagers and also learning activities for the children. These activities are free and anyone from the community can attend.

Parent's Meeting

We also offer classes for the parents. Keeping them informed as to what we are offering their children and how their children are doing. During these classes the staff also takes the parents through different teachings to strengthen their own parenting abilities…offering a place to ask questions and receive healthy positive, Spirit lead guidance.

Pastoral Classes

During the week classes are constantly being offered by our Pastoral staff offering the children spiritual guidance and council.

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