Keeping the Kids busy…

Our staff is always implementing an bringing in new activities for the kids. Some of these events are not only for those in our program but for the kids of the community as well.  an example of such events would be dance instructors, who were brought in to host a dance class. They also host a regular movie night for the Youth.

Such a activities are important to give our kids a place to be and fun activities to do. Like all children, these kids like to be entertained. What’s different for them is that they live in a high risk community. High risk for drug and alcohol use, crime, gang related activity, and prostitution. If our kids are kept busy they are less likely to fall into the destructive life styles, that are so prevalent. The center offers them an loving environment, that is strictly free of all those outside pressures; and allows them to be, as much as they can, normal kids just hanging out with their friends.

There are so many kids in the community that could use out help. But in order to give quality over quantity we offer a limited amount of spots in our program. What we do offer is extra classes for kids who are not in our program but are willing to learn and take the extra help. We also offer an open-feed on Saturday to the whole community.

We can not say enough about our staff at the center. Their tireless commitment is what makes this all possible. Please pray for them as they nurture and lead the children of our center. Pray for wisdom, courage and an over flow of love. Because when it comes down to it, Love is what is needed most by the children of our center.

Thank you for checking in!

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