It’s been a rich and full Spring….

Enjoy some images of activities the kids have been enjoying, due to you support and sponsorship!

… a day at the theatre

… a day at the water park

… a movie night for the younger kids

… our SOLAHIS dancers!

Besides the activities shown here we also have been holding a God based sexual education series for the teenagers. Early teenage pregnancy is a huge challenge we face with our kids and, thankfully, with proper and full education we are facing this less and less with our kids…both the boys and the girls. We also are hosting a youth group twice a month for the teenagers. This group is open, not only our sponsored kids, but also, to those teens in the community who are not in our program. It is exciting thing about this is that most of the kids and a huge blessing to be able to help those beyond our sponsorship program!

We continue to offer the willing parents of the community health and wellness classes, which continue to be a success.

Some of these things may not seem like a big deal, as they are common place in our world. We can not stress enough, to you, how important all of these events are for the strength and well being of our children and their families. If The Center was not there, these children would not be experiencing any of this…these children would not be experiencing love, or hope. They would not be experiencing the opportunity to dream.

Thank you for allowing this to happen for these precious babes. Without your help, cycles would be continuing and healing would not be taking place. We can’t do this with out you. Humble gratitude… 

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