Our 11th Annual Benefit Gala!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to all of those who joined us this year for our 11th Annual Benefit Gala; it was a big success! With your help we were able to raise over $150 000! We had over 440 people who attended as well as over 40 volunteers that helped make the event a reality.  Back by continuous popular demand were our ever so popular Balloon Baskets. We had 124 baskets available which sold out within 25 minutes of the doors opening, and only six guests lost their balloons to the rafters! 

An extra special thank you to Clark’s Audio Visual Services for helping us with all our audio visual needs, to Columbia Bible College for hosting our event for the third year in a row and to Staples Pitt Meadows for helping us design and organize our new merchandise!
Merchandise, including sweaters, water bottles, mugs and stationary, are still available for purchase online through our Solahis Store 

We had 9 children available for sponsorship, all of whom were sponsored at the banquet. Thank you to those of you who partnered with us through monthly sponsorship! If you’re a sponsor and haven’t picked up your Christmas gift, please contact us so we can arrange to get it to you.

We also had 17 people partner with us as Post Secondary  Supporters. They are supporting a specific student by contributing monthly to our Post Secondary Education Fund. We are still looking for 38 partners, at $50 a month, to reach our goal of fully supporting all of our students as they pursue higher education. Please select an option below or contact us if you wish to become a Post Secondary Supporter.

Become a Monthly Post Secondary Supporter

Post Secondary Education Fund for 2019
Amount Raised 70.24%

With your generosity, during our live auction, we raised enough money to cover our food costs for the year of 2019. With people donating months and weeks worth of meals, we are already a couple weeks into 2020! Lets see how far into 2020 we can get before our 12th Annual Benefit Gala! 

2019 Meals

2020 Meals – Click HERE to contribute! 


We were so excited to show you our new website, thank you to everyone who has reached out with such kind words and compliments! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you to all of those who attended and volunteered at our 11th Annual Benefit Gala. We are so grateful for your continuous support. To God be the glory. 

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