Mission Team Monday!

Missions Team Monday! This trip is one of our first big groups in 2009. A mixed group of adults and older high school students went to Seeds of Love with the mission of constructing a retaining wall. Our property has quite the slant in it and this retaining wall has help protect parts of our property from sliding when heavy rains come. 

During the trip the kids from Seeds of Love put on a skit for the team and some of the young ladies on the team pampered the staff with a spa day. 

Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of photos from that trip but below are some of the ones we found. If you have anymore photos from this trip, or any other trip, please Contact Us or email them to info@solahis.com

If you’d like to be part of our next Mission Team, please visit our How Can I Help? page where you will find out Team Member Application.  There is a team going once to three times a year. Please  Contact Us for more information.

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