Mission Team Monday: Lance

This is Lance, he traveled to Colombia in December of 2017 and this is what he has to say about his time in Colombia with Seeds of Love and Hope. 

I was introduced to Seeds of Love and Hope by my neighbours who had attended the Christmas fundraiser for a few years and had discussed their trip to Medellin with me. My wife and I were quite interested and decided to attend the fundraiser dinner one year with them. It was a moving experience to hear the stories of how the center started, seeing all the heart Jorge and Tirza pour into it, and the amazing support of that community. It was infectious which started us thinking about what we could do to be a part of it. I wanted to participate in a Mission trip; something that was on my mind for a very long time. My wife and I have a health and wellness business with dōTERRA. We thought of how we could use this to leverage some support for SOLAHIS. I did my own fall fundraiser to bring some basic health and hygiene products to the children at the center. With the donations I collected combined with our own I was able to take 2 hockey bags full of supplies to Medellin! This was amazing! To be honest, I had purchased my plane tickets and then got really nervous about what I was doing. I attended some meeting with Jorge to review expectations, met the people I would be traveling with, and attended the next Christmas fundraiser dinner. It was there that I met a lady who had lived in Medellin for 10 months to work at the center. In those conversations I realized the nerves were unwarranted and started to really look forward to it again. Time to fly! I went with an open mind and heart to be able to help, be flexible, connect, and take in all the experiences I could. I had my camera ready and my eyes open, ready to dive into everything. Arriving at the center was fantastic; so welcoming and heart warming! So many smiling kids and welcoming staff to greet us. I spent days with a group of young boys playing with a frisbee I brought, having lunch together, exploring the property and playing charades as a form of communication. I don’t speak Spanish, however, there were people available to translate if really necessary. I observed the older kids and was so impressed with their leadership and work ethic. They worked every event at the center, getting there early and cleaning up late. I learned of all the levels of programs the center has running to encourage these behaviors, inspiring the younger children to strive for more and see another path for their life. To witness all this put together was so inspiring to myself. The other part I was looking forward to was getting to know the people who make this possible. During the bus rides to and from our accommodations, in all the crazy traffic that makes no sense to a Canadian, allowed time to hear some stories from Jorge and Tirza. Their stories, heart, determination, and faith is admirable. Meeting the rest of the family and how these values are shared and past down is fantastic. I really hope to bring my own family to the center in Medellin on day. My own children need to experience this in their lives too.

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