Mission Team Monday: Michael

My name is Michael and last August was the first time I’ve gone on a Missions Trip to Colombia with SOLAHIS. While I was there, I really enjoyed the climate and the beautiful city of Medellin. One thing that I loved was being able to spend time with and connect with the children, even with the language barrier.

Over one of weekends we were there, we took the kids to a camp for an overnight retreat. We had a campfire that night and a lot of different people opened up and shared about the different things they were struggling with. This really brought our team together as well and allowed us to connect with the young people from Seeds of Love on a deeper level. It was such a safe space to open up and I’ve never felt God’s presence like that before.

Something I would say to anyone joining a missions trip to Colombia is to make sure to take care of yourself! Make sure to get sleep and stay hydrated as the weather can be warmer than expected.

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