Mission Team Monday: Robyn

This is Robyn; she will be returning to Colombia in December for her 7th trip since 2015. She worked as the Youth Director at Coquitlam Presbyterian Church for four years and has co-led the two CPC Youth Mission trips with her husband Sebastian. This is what she has to say about her experiences being involved with Seeds of Love and Hope International Society.

My first trip to SOLAHIS was July 2015. If you would have tried to explain to me the kind of love I would develop for these kids in just a week I wouldn't have believed you. It is crazy to think that you could develop such a bond in only 7 short days but thats exactly what happened. I met our youngest sponsor child, Maria Alejandra, our very first day in Colombia. She was 6 and very shy but through charades and Google Translate we managed to chat and connect. By the end of the week she realized that if she spoke slow enough, with some hand gestures, I could get an idea for what she was trying to say. About halfway through our trip I met Valentina, I taught her how to do a starfish float in the pool at the retreat center we were at. The next day we walked around picking up garbage and teaching each other simple songs. That December she became available to sponsor and I didn't hesitate to sponsor her. There is something really special about Seeds of Love and the work that God is doing through the Center. The staff in Colombia, Board of Directors here in Canada along with all the other volunteers and Mission Team members are so passionate about helping these young people and their families break the cycle of poverty and grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. If you've thought about joining a Mission Team, or you've never thought of it before, it is definitely something that I think everyone should experience! It is such a blessing to be a part of the teams and build bonds with these kids and their families. Go into it with an open mind, be flexible and be excited for what God is doing through Seeds of Love and Hope.

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