Post Secondary Education Fund

At Seeds of Love and Hope we believe that education is so important. We challenge our younger students to do their best, we expect regular attendance to classes and have a celebratory field trip for students who passed all the classes at the end of each semester. 

 A few years into our program we had some of our high school graduates asking for help paying their tuition as they furthered their education. That was the beginning of the Post Secondary Education Fund. 

Now, only a few years later, we have over twenty students pursuing higher education in different fields. These young people have an opportunity that used to be an impossible dream. They are excited to pursue their careers as lawyers, teachers, accountants, nurses, veterinarians, mechanics and more; all which is only made possible through our Post Secondary Education Fund and generous contributors like you. 

You can help by making a one-time donation*, or by becoming a Post Secondary Supporter*. With a monthly donation* of $50 for 12 months, or a one time donation* of $600, a Post Secondary Supporter provides a student with the chance to further their education and break the cycle of poverty by working towards a career of their choice. Your contribution would help cover the cost of their tuition, books, uniforms when necessary, transportation, and provide them with a bagged lunch. They also continue to receive full access to the center and resources. 

Like Sponsors, Supporters receive a website login and are given a student to whom you can send and receive files via our online “portal”. 
Post Secondary Education Fund 2020
Amount Raised 85%
Want to join us and become a Post Secondary Supporter? Click below to get started! 

* Funds are being accepted on the condition they will be used for their specified purpose, unless that purpose has been completed or can no longer be completed for some reason.

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