At the Center in Medellin, there are a variety of programs that occur daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Every day, the center provides a meal for the children in our program as well as tutoring to ensure they are able to succeed academically.

Throughout the week, different classes are conducted including a bible and entrepreneurship class. Another feature of our program is we provide counselling, dental, and medical services to all sponsored children. Lastly, every Saturday, we open our center doors to the community and invite them in to share a meal and experience community together.

Monthly, the center gathers the parents, youth, and kids in meetings to teach a lesson or have a time of community building together. As well, a monthly celebration of birthdays occur to ensure every child in the program feels celebrated and loved.

A traditional celebration in Colombia for all the young women turning 15 is known as a Quinceanera. Every year, the center puts one on for all those women turning 15 to mark this momentous occasion. The girls learn dances, don fancy dresses and are treated like royalty for an evening. A beautiful celebration for everyone in these ladies’ lives.

A highlight for everyone at the center is the yearly retreat to an offsite location. These retreats allow for biblical teachings, games and relationship building among students and staff. A retreat is a fun event for all participants of the center and one talked about months after it ends.

The programs at the Center were created to teach our children successful life skills and guiding principles for the rest of their lives. Our staff act as mentors and teachers to our children and all of our programs would not be possible without their dedication.

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