Happy Birthdays!

With over 140 children who are at the Centre Monday-Saturday, it would be near impossible to host a birthday party for each one. However, the Seeds of Love staff still want each child to get a birthday celebration! Twice a year a birthday party is held for the children with birthdays from January-June or July-December; families are invited and lunch and cake are shared.

We are incredibly blessed to have such a dedicated staff who are eager to go above and beyond to serve this community. There was so much thought and effort that went into this gathering. The amazing ladies in the kitchen prepared over 350 lunch servings, over 250 sandwiches and over 250 cake slices for the families celebrating a birthday with us. It was obvious that each person in that room was excited to be apart of a celebration; whether it be their own birthday or their child’s.

Please pray for continued strength for all of our staff members as well as continued blessings and protection for them and their families.

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