Major child welfare organizations ask you to “sponsor a child” allowing you, the supporter, to fall into the belief that you are the only active participant in this relationship. To understand the program, we invite you to learn about the different ways our children take participation in the sponsorship program into their own hands.

At SOLAHIS, we deeply value having children in our sponsorship program who have an assessed need. This need can take many different forms, such as originating from a low-income family who cannot provide the physical, mental, and educational support needed among other things. Once a need is established, the children begin to take ownership of the process.

At this time, the children are asked to meet a set of requirements. An example would be to participate in set classes for a predetermined period of time, fully attend school, and achieve passing grades. A probationary period is set with the goal of setting the hopeful child up for long term success at SOLAHIS.

Once the child has successfully completed the probationary period, a profile is created and sent to Canada to find a sponsor.
There are currently kids in need of sponsors. If you would like to make a difference in the life of the child, click HERE.
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