Tour Tuesday: Seeds of Love and Hope!

Join us around the Center for a weekly tour! This tour will include blast from the past as we explore what Seeds of Love and Hope looked like when we first got there in 2008 and what it looks like today! 


Seeds of Love and Hope International Society - May 2008
Seeds of Love and Hope International Society - August 2018

Over the years this house has had a number of different uses. It has been a care taker’s home housing a few different families, it has been used as storage to many donations of school supplies, grad dresses, bathing suits and all sorts of clothing, it has served as offices when more space was needed. Even after all the never ending evolving roles the house has taken on, the outside continues to look very similar; however, check out the neighbourhood behind it. 

Our neighbourhood continues to evolve and change and as an organization we’ve continue to adapt to help our community in ways that our Board of Directors, staff and volunteers see fit. We are so grateful for all the continued support and we are so excited to see how God continues to show us how to adapt to the never ending change that comes within communities. 

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