Tour Tuesday: The Main Hall

Welcome to the Main Hall, it is really the definition of a Multi Purpose Room. We have had our largest gatherings in this room with hundreds of people, and we have also had important meetings with only a hand full of people. The Main hall hasn’t seen much change over the years other than a few paint colour changes, but we have added a few upgrades. 

Recently we added our Library where we will store our books, we hope to encourage a love for books in our kids and hope to continue to grow our collection. 

Over the years we’ve also added two TVs, one on either side of the Main Hall. We use these for teaching, presentations, music and lyrics during worship. 

Because we use the Main Hall for a variety of different things we’ve also added a retractable divider down the centre of the room which allows us to facilitate more classes without all the distraction of what the other groups are doing. 

The Main Hall’s most common purpose is Meal Time! Everyone gathers in the Main Hall for lunch Monday through Saturday. 

Over the years, the Main Hall has seen a lot of messy meal times, luxurious Quinceñearas and even a few weddings. We miss having our Main Hall full and we are eager to celebrate being together once we can do so again! 

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