SOLAHIS’ 10th Annual Benefit Gala

November 25th, 2017 at Columbia Bible College, we celebrated God’s goodness and faithfulness at our 10th Annual Benefit Gala. We had over 400 people come to celebrate the growth we’ve witnessed over the last ten years as well as prepare ourselves for the years to come. Our theme for the night was “Then and Now” and the night consisted of a lot of blasts from the past as we looked back to pictures of some of our young people the very first day we met them and praised the Lord for the growth we’ve been able to witness over the last 10 years.

During the Gala, Seeds of Love Founder Jorge Silva asked the question “What about the next ten years?” and showed the guests this picture of our preschool group.

Theses past ten years, by God’s grace, have be life-changing for the kids who have come through our Center as well as for our Canadian volunteers; So what is our plan for the next ten years, how can we continue to grow and help these young children pursue God and His plan for them? It is by God’s grace and with your help that we can help these kids achieve the impossible. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support over the last ten years; here is to the next ten.

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  1. Thanks for posting love seeing all the kids and how they have grown . Such a positive energy when you go to the centre you can’t help but smile .

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